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At Busto & Sun
we blend Italian hat making traditions
with California lifestyle.

All hats are custom handcrafted at our Topanga Canyon Bodega.
We strive to give our clients a fun & uplifting experience throughout the process
of designing a custom hat. We're a mix of the old and new worlds.
Venetian traditions, exquisite materials, new world optimism
with color and California sunshine.

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Custom Made


“I've always had a passion for hats and clothing and for making things with my hands..”

“ My mom was a seamstress and made all of my childhood clothes by hand.
She always told me to look at clothes from the inside, so you can see and understand the quality of the craftsmanship, and that turned into a lifelong practice, long before I got into hatmaking.
I love making people feel good and look good.
Creating and designing together with my clients is a huge satisfaction and a great way to push my craft in directions that I would never explore just by myself.
I get to do it in the community where I live and the community that I love, Topanga Canyon, California, an energetic community populated by artists, creatives and musicians just outside Los Angeles. “


Over the years of making many hundreds of custom hats for people, meet some of our amazing friends I have had the pleasure to meet, work with & love to show off!

Jimmy Firouz

He's probably one of our most passionate and creatively involved Busto Friend. 6 hats under the belt..and counting. Thank you Jimmy ; )



Every hat has to match a pair of boots. We love designing with Samy and her energetic creativity.


Herman Matthews

Herman began playing drums at the age of 7 years and has played with the greats most notably for Tower of Power, Kenny Loggins and Tom Jones.,


Durga Karma

The smile and sunshine of Topanga Canyon. You can find him browsing around telling stories about his childhood as a sherpa in the Himalayas.


Tom Howie

He's rocking the Busto Signature shark bite all over the world. @BobMosesMusic. - Thank you Tom


Steven Wood

The genius of black and white photography.


Romeo & Juliette

Love is a beautiful thing in Topanga Canyon. Especially when wearing Busto & Sun.


Rod Verdery Tomlinson

If you are in Mexico, you'll for sure meet the smile of Rod in the surf sandy beaches of Cabo.


Igor Budan

What would an Ex-Croatian national soccer team player do when he hangs his jersey on the wall? Riding motorcycle and tasting the best wines : )


Max Edlin

Since day one, Max helped to push the boundaries of our design imagination to the fullest. If you like music and experiences take a look at @WeAreUnbound


Max Busato

From Italy to the big apple to the land of the rising sun. My dear motorcycle buddy and Busto ambassador.


Mario Bonamigo

One of the top 10 most stylish guys in Italy. Check out his shop @Searsland.


Luca Izzo

Luca dresses everyday like he's going to Jimi Hendrix's funeral. Literally! : D


Anoosh Dayani

If you want Anoosh sunglasses, come to the shop. If you want Anoosh beard, be patient for years and years...and years.

Alexa Strange

AVP beach volleyball's finest. Cosmic artist & honorary Busto Ambassador.


Jodi Joy

We're so thankful to Jodi to introduce us to the work of breath-work and to be one of our closest friends!


Kevin Lo

Speed is his second name. You can either find him running on the treadmill, or ride in the canyon riding his Lamborghini.



If you find TIMENSO behind the 1's and 2's, you're at the right party.


Jeff Scult

What's the most comfortable T-Shirt you will ever have? Check out Jeff's creations @OneGoldenThread


Vivian Scott Chew

Every time Vivian comes to our shop, she brings the most heart-felt energy with her. Always happy to have you! Thank you


Vasco Rossi

The one and only Italian rockstar. With more than 225 thousand people, Vasco has achieved the world record for the highest number of paying spectators at a solo concert, an incredible record worthy of a man who enters the Olympus of music by right.



The one and only, Brad aka Mr. Mysterioso. A true genius of a mixologist. Many hats out, many drinks in. By far one of our dearest clients and friends.


John Densmore - THE DOORS

"I used to play for this band, you may have heard of it.." - What a honor to meet you John and make a hat for you ; )



Explore some of the publications about us including write ups, interviews, podcasts, TedX & more.

Life's Crooked Path & the Art of Wearing Hats

Listen to this podcast Newsweek's Jack Sonni to talk about my up bringing and line of work as a custom hat maker from Italy.

TEDxJesolo - Enrico Busto

I had the honor to speak at the TEDxJosolo. In my TED talk I speak about how to train yourself to accept invisible results. Please enjoy!


I had the pleasure of sitting down with Ian Knies of the TOPANGA NEW TIMES newspaper. We spoke about my work and living in beautiful Topanga CA.

Shoutout LA x Enrico Busto Bespoke Hatmaker

Online magazine Voyage LA sat down with me to talk about my passion of hat wear, clothing, living in Topanga Canyon and how it all started.

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